We’ve been distributing beer in the Dayton area for more than 72 years.

But over the years we’ve grown a lot, learned a lot and worked to become the best distributors in the state of Ohio. Starting with just one truck, Carl Bonbright created Bonbright Distributors in 1934 when he received the license to sell Schoenling Brewing products in Miami, Montgomery, Greene, Preble and Clark counties. In 1951, he received the distribution rights for Miller Brewing Company brands, and 54 years later, Bonbright’s annual sales approach 5.5 million cases annually.

In April 1983, H. Brockman Anderson acquired Bonbright Distributors from the Bonbright family. And that year, the company’s total case sales reached 2,000,000. Under Bonbright’s current ownership and management team, the business has grown by almost 200 percent, added six additional counties, bought six beer distributorships and acquired the rights to sell the nation’s top five imported beers. And while we’re pretty proud of our growth, we’re not done yet.